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The I-80 Coalition

Monday, May 13, 2019

If I don’t write about an engineering topic that’s in the news, there’s probably a reason.  Often that reason is because I know a lot about the topic, but I’m “not the guy” who is tasked with public communication.  So, I’m active behind the scenes in meetings and peer-to-peer communications, but I DO NOT publicly discuss the topic.  One of those issues is I-80, including the DesPlaines River Bridge.  For over a year I’ve been working with the Will County Center for Economic Development (CED) to collect data on the roadway and build consensus for transportation solutions.  I serve on the Executive Committee for the I-80 Coalition which has been formed with assistance from the CED.  Today our website for that group went live: It has A LOT of information, with more to come – so if you want to learn about this extremely important project check the News and Updates pages often.

I will answer one question.  Yes, I do drive over the bridge.  Several times a week.

Have a great day!

Howard J. Hamilton, PE, CFM, CPESC