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Quiet Zones (rail traffic)

The train whistle can significantly disturb those who live and/or work near a crossing. It is estimated that 9.3 million people in the United States are "affected in some way by train horn noise". As a result, Congress investigated the issue and in June 2005, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) issued laws governing the use of train horns at grade crossings throughout the United States. This law created a method for creating "Quiet Zones" where trains do not sound their horns except for safety reasons.

HCE has the experience to assist with the Quiet Zone Development process. Our staff is experienced with navigating the challenging Federal and State systems, and has developed a network of contacts at all levels of the government that have been proven successful in the development of quiet zones. This experience and first-hand knowledge will assure a cost-effective and smooth process for developing quiet zones.